Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Spesial PTS Semester Ganjil 2021 Materi 2




THANKING (Ucapan terimakasih)


- Thanks for your coming.

- I’d like to thank you for your kindness.

- Thanks a lot.

- Thank you so much.

- Thanks.

- Don’t mention it.

- Not at all.

- Any time.

- My pleasure.

- You’re welcome



APOLOGIZING (Permintaan maaf)


- Forgive me for breaking your glasses.

- I’m sorry for being late.

- We apologize for the bad service.

- Please forgive me.

- I,m really sorry.

- I’m so sorry.

- Sorry.

- That’s alright.

- Never mind.

- It’s OK.

- I forgive you.

- It’s alright.

- That’s alright.

- No problem.



The text for questions number 1, 2, 3

Konteks percakapan :

Suatu hari Rudi lupa membawa bekal makan siangnya ke sekolah. Ia baru menyadari saat ia membuka tas di waktu istirahat. Aisha mengetahui itu dan ia ingin membagi makannannya untuk Rudi. Rudi sangat senang dan berterimakasih pada Aisha.

(Suasana kelas. Bel istirahat berbunyi, terdengar suara seseorang membuka kotak tas)

Aisha : Finally, the lesson is over. I’m starving. Come on Rudy, let’s have lunch.

Rudi : Oh, no!

Aisha : What’s up Rudi?

Rudi : I forgot my lunch.

Aisha : Are you sure?

Rudi : I remember putting it on the dining table but I guess I didn’t put it inside my bag.

Aisha : Don’t worry. I’ve got a lot of food for us to share. Look at this.

Rudi : Oh, no!

(Suara membuka kotak plastik makanan)

Rudi : Wow…. It looks yum.

Aisha : Here, take some.

Rudi : Thanks Aisha. You’ve save my day.

Aisha : Don’t mention it, Rudi, my mother always puts in some extra.

Rudi : Wonderful. Can I have some bread?

Aisha : Sure.

1. Where does the dialogue probability take place?

a. In the classroom.

b. In the station.

c. In the harbor.

d. In the library.

2. What does Rudi say to thank Aisha?

a. Don’t mention it.

b. Wonderful.

c. Thanks Aisha.

d. Don’t worry.

3. What does Aisha say to respond to Rudy’s expression of thanks?

a. Don’t mention it.

b. Wonderful.

c. Thanks Aisha.

d. Don’t worry.

The text for questions number 4,5.

Konteks percakapan :

Alex menemui Miss Tanti untuk meminta maaf atas perbuatannya yang tidak terpuji yaitu mencotek saat ulangan matematika.

(Suasana Kelas)

Alex : Excuse me, can I talk to you?

Miss Tanti : Sure, what’s the matter, Alex?

Alex : I want to make a confession.

Miss Tanti : A confession? About what?

Alex : The exam. I am very sorry! I cheated during the math exam last week.

Miss Tanti : Are you serious?

Alex : Please forgive me. I was wrong.

Miss Tanti : I am so disappointed, Alex.

Alex : I know it was a very big mistake. I promise I will never do it anymore.

Will you forgive me?

Miss Tanti : Okay, but please don’t do it anymore.

Alex : Thanks Ma’am. What should I do now?

Miss Tanti: Because of your honesty, I’ll give you a second chance. But you must retake

the exam.

4. What did Alex say to apologize to Miss Tanti?

a. I am so disappointed.

b. I am very Sorry.

c. Can I talk to you?

d. I want to make a confession.

5. Did Alex promise Ms. Tanti that he would not cheat again?

a. No, He didn’t

b. No, She didn’t

c. Yes, She did.

d. Yes, He did.

Kunci: A, C, A, B, D